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Our mission: To develop experiences that evolve how our inner world of emotions evolve our social health as a society.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Playground of Empathy is to develop experiences that evolve how our inner world of emotions, evolve our social health as a society.

We live in a society that is stagnated by polarization, and paralyzed by an in ability to engage in conversations that bring a deeper sense of connection.

We address this problem through the power of designing immersive spaces that allow for a shared experience, and create a deeper understanding of the self, and empathy towards the differences of others.

Our ability to effect change in this unique way represents a paradigm shift in the approach of social impact.

The Playground of Empathy Experience

See us as a living commitment to a global community through networks, collaborations, and infrastructures of emotional awareness. Imagine locations in every city around the world, that are a hub for our emotional conversation. We are interested in creating these physical places together: series of rooms, that offer spaces to explore our feelings, personal and communal, through story and interactive design, founded by deep interdisciplinary research. Consider it one part fantastical playground for all ages, one part live entertainment and immersive gaming, and one part interactive tech and behavioral exploration.

Each space focuses on magically connecting with a specific emotion. Rooms for love, sadness, hope, or laughter. Other spaces focus on an emotional subjects, such as our relationship to nature, gender identity, racial bias, friendship, and community.

Why is this so vital to the thriving of mankind? Because the ability to feel better, helps us feel better, and the better we feel, the more we can engage fully in our own lives and the potential of a world of communities.

No matter the emotion-concept, every highly-aesthetic space is designed based on extensive emotion research, sensory testing, and collaboration with leaders in the field of those emotional topics.

Research Mission

Playground of Empathy’s research mission is to empower empathic community choice making by leveraging interdisciplinary collaborations in narrative, design, cognitive science, and social science to create deeply immersive, interactive, and innovative art experiences. Our modules are scale-able, memorable, and intensely personal. Each is designed to promote empathy across ‘difference,’ including socially constructed divisions like gender, race, and age. We work closely with our Massachusetts-based partners to bridge science, technology, and art, including our scientific advisors, the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab (based at Northeastern University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School), and our clinical advisors at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Transgender Health Program.

Our WHY and HOW

‘No two people are the same,’ is not only an adage; neuroscience make this crystal clear. Everyone experiences emotion differently and you’ve never actually had the exact same emotion twice. It’s scientifically evident.

What we all do have in common, is a deep desire to feel.

Nurturing this ability to feel is critical to social innovation and evolution.

Through an ongoing, multi-disciplinary deep dive into psychology, neuroscience, and the outer limits of interactive artistic design, Playground of Empathy aims to provide a live, immersive city destination like no other.

Visitors will explore their emotions with more nuance than ever imaginable. Empathically human-centered and iterative; our development process aims for authentic and thrilling designed experiences, with effects that will endure in the longterm growth of joy in your life.

Beginning our journey 2018 in Charlottesville. . .

The Playground of Empathy is honored to have the support of our community partner, Live Arts, our fiscal sponsor, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, our community partner, SARA, as well as an exciting board of advisors who are national innovators in the field of science, fashion design, experience technology, and storytelling. If you’d like to learn more about our team and the details of our experience, we’d be glad to hear from you.

These images share a selection of 3D blue print schematics and spatial renders.


Self-perception: a cultivation of compassionate consciousness.

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Racial equity: A space to understand and illuminate unconsciousness bias.

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Infancy: A space to re-explore early consciousness.

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Natural environment: A space to deepen our empathic connection to nature.

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