The walk in my shoes experience creates empathic conversations about our differences for:

  • Educational institutions (university, k-12 school, LGBTQ+ advocacy, or teaching hospital)

  • Corporates or Non-Profit Organizations, whose HR team understands the importance of diversity, inclusion, disarming unconscious bias, and raising leadership EQ.

  • Community, museum, science-centered, or artistic Events or Festivals interested in celebrating and creating awareness.


What does this experience address?

Lack of understanding and acceptance damages the psyche of both individuals and communities, while raising the risk of unconscious bias and harassment. Our country is in a moment where our treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and toxic masculinity, will determine our collective future

Recent studies by leading psychologists and neuroscientists prove that “walking in the shoes” of another person has a life-changing impact on one’s ability to act empathically towards others and make emotionally intelligent group decisions.

This is exactly what we are doing: using immersive interactions to evolve empathy and EQ.

Based on psychology and neuroscience:

Through multi-modal interactions and the gathering cardiographic data, testing has shown that our experience has the potential to engage empathic thinking and disarm unconscious bias. Design and testing is in collaboration with our advisor, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett - one of the world’s top researchers in the study of emotions and the brain - who co-leads the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Lab at Northeastern University. Through this collaboration, we are working towards a published academic study on the impact of this immersive experience to innovate experimentation practices.

Walk me through my experience:

  • First we ask you some easy questions.

  • You pick a profile (in private). 

  • You have the option to use wearable sensors, gaining bio-feedback bias -insight.

  • Then you go in to the experience.

  • You get to try on or hold different accessories. 

  • Each accessory shares a narrative of a gender related personal experience.

  • After you’ve tried on everything, a series of films begin to play.

  • In these films, you’re a character, spoken to by the actors in these films.

  • The narrators asks you to predict how you would have responded.

  • The clothing and films give a broad ability to walk in the shoes of another gender.

  • You exit.

  • We have a discussion together in private, about your personal experience.

  • You receive a print-out of your bio-data and/or have a discussion.

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  • Our LGBTQ+ promise: We are dedicated to empowering voices from LGBTQ+ communities.

    Our aim is to support you! Please contact us here or send us an email at to discuss how we can create positive change in your eco-system.